Who We Are

We build on experience and relationships

Who We Are

Who We Are

Innovating the Construction Workflow

The landscape of commercial construction is constantly changing. Since our inception, we’ve witnessed significant transformations in the construction industry. Despite these advancements, numerous contractors in drywall and carpentry continue to adhere to traditional methods.

At Custom Design Innovations, we leverage cutting-edge technology to execute projects of extensive scale without compromising on the quality. Our team, with its rich experience in construction, management, and technology, stands equipped to accomplish projects that elude many of our competitors.

Our project completion strategy doesn’t rely on speculation; it’s driven by data. Cultivating an environment of innovation has solidified our status as one of the most dependable contractor in the NYC.

Innovation – Quality – Values


The adoption of cutting-edge technology propels our company forward, driving efficiency, enhancing accuracy, and fostering innovation in every project we undertake.


Enables construction workers to view to-scale layouts directly on the work surface, significantly reducing errors by facilitating immediate comprehension of tasks. Additionally, it assists workers in identifying discrepancies between digital plans and the actual construction. With the convenience of a mobile app, they can effortlessly adjust the projected plans to align with the “as built” conditions.

Digital Estimating & Project production tracking with AI

Before a project begins, CDI helps to define scopes of work, and alternative materials and methods, to best serve the needs of the owner and design team. Our estimating process starts with an On Screen Takeoff with AI technology for faster turnaround times. Our Estimating tools integrate with a Digital Production Control system to track the project day by day, and to insure the budget is being met.

Latest Software

Using planning tools such as On Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and DPC, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Foundation Construction software, we reduce costs and ensure a seamless transition from project start to completion.


Our goal is to support our clients innovatively and efficiently, all while upholding our dedication to the health and well-being of our employees, partners, and the communities where we operate. We are committed to enhancing our clients’ capabilities daily, aiming to deliver outstanding project outcomes. By proactively meeting their needs, including those unvoiced, we secure not just our excellence but also our clients’ prominence in the industry.

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(718) 635 9070

(718) 635 9070

Our Core Values

We are defined by Commitment, dedicating ourselves fully to our projects and clients; Innovation, constantly seeking creative solutions and embracing new technologies; Integrity, upholding honesty and transparency in all our dealings; and Diversity, valuing and celebrating the varied perspectives and backgrounds of our team and partners.


CDI-NYC’s team, both on-site and in the office, is dedicated to upholding comprehensive knowledge of the construction sector and a strong commitment to customer service.


We lead the industry in utilizing technology to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity, notably through the application of Building Information Modeling.


Our clients are integral to our identity, just as our employees are, and we are steadfast in our dedication to nurturing and sustaining our business relationships.


We adopt a culture of acceptance and respect, going beyond mere tolerance to honor the distinct qualities of every person.


Below are Custom Design Innovations’s participation in MBE Cohorts.

NYC Bond Readiness


Turner School of Construction Management

By: Turner Construction & LaGuardia College

Construct NYC

By: NYC EDC & BOC Capital

Columbia CU Grow

By: Columbia University

Ascend NYC

By: BOC Capital & Columbia University

Suffolk Construction MBE Program

By: Suffolk Construction

ESD Business Growth Accelerator 2.0

By: NYS Empire State Development

Collaborative Leadership Program

By: United Brotherhood of Carpenters international Training Center



Custom Design Innovations is a

Minority-Based Enterprise

As a Hispanic Minority-Based Enterprise, CDI-NYC offers specialized drywall and carpentry services, catering to businesses in search of diverse and inclusive solutions.