Drywall Installation

We have developed the versatility to handle any needs including:

• Standard Drywall Partitions
• Fire Rated Partitions
• Elevator Shaft Wall
• Vent Shaft Enclosures
• Lead Lined Partitions
• Fascias, Ceilings & Soffits
• Metal Fabrications
• Sound Attenuation Systems

Acoustic / Specialty Ceilings

CDI utilizes the latest technologies and cost-effective materials to ensure a space not only looks beautiful, but sounds flawless, working in:

• Acoustic Ceiling Systems
• Structurally Engineered Hang Point Suspension Systems
• Radius Metal Ceiling
• Wood & Panel Ceilings
• Pre-engineered Ceiling Systems


Carpentry is the foundation of our trade, and at CDI we are well equipped to handle all commercial carpentry needs, including:

• Temporary Safety Protections as required by federal, state, city   or Local regulations

• Temporary Protection of Finishes

• Temporary Construction as required throughout all stages of a   project

• Rough Carpentry to include blocking associated with the   finished work of other trades

• Finish Carpentry to include the installation of kitchen cabinets,   doors, frames and hardware, running trim, etc.